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Meet Moby

Domestic Long Hair-black and white Mix

Approx DOB: 8/11/2017
Gender: Male

Moby has cheated death so many times it is amazing. He was saved from Animal Services very tiny sick and unable to eat on his own. He was the runt. All Diagnosed with coccydia, only 2 of Moby's minions survived. Many vet visits, inpatient stay, ER vet visit late at night, IV fluids at home upper respiratory infection and he survived. He loves his siblings Daphne and Fergus and has never lost his loving attitude. He adores people loves to play and nurse on a nice soft blankie. There is nothing to high to climb on in his opinion. There is no cat to large to play with even if they don't want to, they always give in. He is getting fluffier by the day and is very soft exhibiting characteristics of a Maine coon fluffy ears bunny fur long hair between toes. He loves toys and is a constant cuddle buddy. He will come with a free visit from the vet that treated Him. He does need extra servings of canned food mixed with water. This is proactively giving him extra water without him knowing it because he is always on the move and doesn't always drink enough water. He has already had a urinary tract infection and needs extra water. He will also need an owner observant of any weight loss (he is still small). He has never been around a dog

Anna V was his foster parent.

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