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Meet Minnie


Size: Small
Approx DOB: 10/19/2009
Gender: Female

Minnie Mae is about the sweetest little Chihuahua you are going to meet. She is extremely submissive to her people. She loves all baby things. Baby cats, baby dogs, baby chicks, baby ducks. She just wants to mother them. Because of her love for all things baby, the fact that she wasn't spayed, and how accustomed she is to a cage, we are guessing she was a breeder dog. She is now house broken. She is neither a demanding nor a bossy girl so she does best on a potty schedule. She sleeps all night in our bed with no accidents. She does love her food. She will dance in little circles all the way to her cage to eat. (It's where she prefers to have her meals)

Minnie Mae came to us because she was dumped at Tractor Supply. We tried and tried to find her owners but its no surprise, nobody claimed her. Her first vet visit showed her to have severe heartworm disease. This brave sweet girl went through her heartworm treatment like a champ. Because the heartworms were so bad she has a very mild heart condition, she is on 2 different heart medicines which cost about $30.00 per month. It is very very important that she stay on her heartworm prevention every month year round. She is still testing positive for heartworm but the vet is confident that she will test negative in a year. What is left is the residual microfilirae.

When she was spayed they also found a uterine and a few mammary tumors. We had those biopsied. They turned out to be adenomas which were hormone related. Now that she is spayed the vet feels those should no longer be an issue. Will you be the one to give this sweet angel her Happily Ever After?

Kelly F was her foster parent.

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