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Meet Maggie

Domestic Short Hair-black and white Mix

Approx DOB: 11/14/2017
Gender: Female

Maggie is the best! She is so funny and is a little bruiser! Nothing phases this kitten. She is so confident and self assured. Maggie is also a "handsy" kitten. She loves to touch and feel with her paws and will commonly reach up to touch my face as she sits on my lap. She is also a climber and so if you are standing up, folding laundry, not paying attention to the little meows at your feet, no problem...Maggie will climb up your leg to get to you! As she gets older, and heavier, she should grow out of this habit but I make no promises!

Maggie is bonded with her sister Lexi and so we are looking for a home that will adopt them together. The adoption fee for both kittens is $200.

Maggie has grown up in a home with other cats and dogs and should be good with children. Please come meet Lexi soon!

Kate F was her foster parent.

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