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Meet Rory

Tortoiseshell Mix

Approx DOB: 9/18/2017
Gender: Female

UPDATE: We have since adopted Rory's sibling group out and Rory's whole personality has changed! She loves to be cuddled and played with! She is super affectionate and does not stop purring! She is SO sweet! Our bashful Rory is now becoming a very loving and outgoing kitten!

Meet Bashful Rory! Rory is petite, beautiful and shy. Rory takes some time to get used to new situations but her little kitten spirit comes out and she starts to play when she becomes comfortable

Rory has been fostered in a home with adult cats, kittens (litter mates and non litter mates), and dogs. Rory will do best in a quieter home with older kids that will respect her space. Fill out an application or come see her at one of our many adoption events to find out more information about her!

Kate F was her foster parent.

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