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Meet Larry

Domestic Long Hair-black and white Mix
Housed at Kitty Camp
Approx DOB: 2/01/2016
Gender: Male

Larry is an absolute fantastic cat! He is super friendly and affectionate. He will raise his paws to get your attention and to love on you. He has an eye issue that will be looked at shortly here to determine the problem. Therefore, he has a slight head tilt while he's adjusting to the temporary loss of sight. He is 10 pounds, black & white, and long haired. He is litter trained, eats dry and wet food. He is recommended for someone's first pet and with other cats. I would not recommend him for someone with small children as he is very affectionate and reaches for you to pet him as it may scare children some. Contact his foster, Anne M, @ mooranne@mail.gvsu.edu or look for her on instagram @annemoore5043.

Anne M was his foster parent.

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