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Meet Claire

Tabby - Brown Mix
Approx DOB: 6/01/2017
Gender: Female

Claire is a sweet and playful girl. She gets along well with other cats and dogs. She loves to be held and will roll over for some belly scratches. She will play with almost anything but she does like a nice quiet place to relax. If left open she will climb into a drawer or cabinet for some zzz's.

Claire has come through so much. She was rescued from animal control. While waiting for her to be spayed she developed these lumps all over her belly and chest. Upon examination, because of the size and number of these lumps it was thought she had a rare and aggressive mammary cancer. I brought her to my home for hospice and to love her as much as humanly possible for her last days. After a few weeks the lumps started to shrink. They shrank enough that we could spay her. The lumps were biopsied and turns out that they were inflammatory tissue from going into heat. She is all clear and ready for her forever home.

Are you her new beginning?

Kelly F was her foster parent.

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