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Meet Fluffy

Domestic Long Hair - buff Mix

Approx DOB: 3/16/2018
Gender: Female

Meet lovely Montgomery (aka Fluffy). Fluffy is hilarious. She has an independent streak and knows what she wants when she wants it. Fluffy will come to you when she wants petted and will be very animated during her petting. Fluffy will decide when she is done getting her petting. If you stop prematurely, you will hear about it and she will be persistent to get back on your lap! Fluffy is also very serious about her food. Having a full belly is a priority to her and she does love her treats!

Fluffy has grown up in a home where she has been around other cats and dogs. She does just fine with both of them.

Fluffy would do best in a home with someone that doesn't mind a cat that has her own mind and a home that can accommodate her demanding dietary habits! :)

If you are interested in finding out more info about Fluffy, please fill out an application!

Kate F was her foster parent.

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