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Meet Jed

Border Collie, Beagle Mix
Special Needs
Size: Large
Approx DOB: 4/19/2012
Gender: Male
Color: black & white
Weight: 62

Hi there! My name is Jed and I am one super cool dude, if I do say so myself! I am a gentle, low-key, calm, friendly, loving and cuddly boy. I am good with other non-dominant dogs, cats and older children. I like to talk to my people and dog buddies. I seek attention and will jump up on the bench to sit beside you, although I need encouragement to get up on the sofa with you (if you're into that). I really love to play ball, catching up close and retrieving thrown balls. My foster says I could use a good tug rope, Kong yellow 'Squeaker' tennis-style balls and Nylabones. I am a great tugger, but really strong. Tug helps me exercise my back leg.

Oops! I completely forgot to tell you that I only have 3 legs. I guess I am getting pretty used to it now. I just need some continued muscle-building exercise and massages...I love massages! Since I only have 3 legs I would really love an orthopedic dog bed to sleep on. You will have to watch how much food you give me because I will eat and eat if I can but should not be allowed to get too heavy or I will hurt constantly.

I am a sensitive guy who really doesn't like scolding or loud voices. They make me run and hide. I will need your gentleness afterward to help me come out of my shell. I don't bark a lot but will let you know if I need food or water or if we are apart and I can't see you. I suppose I have a bit of separation anxiety so I bark.

Notes from my foster:

*Loves to spend time outdoors with you
*Needs carpeted home
*No stairs so he can't fall down or keep him separated from family members
*Commitment to exercising him to strengthen remaining back leg
*Needs supportive sofa-style dog bed
*Must have fenced yard for outdoor time

Can't wait to meet you!


Tina L. was his foster parent.

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