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Meet Hissy and Stanley

Tabby - Grey Mix

Approx DOB: 3/17/2018
Gender: Female

Hissy had a rough start to life. She was found outside, by herself. She was so terrified we could barely handle her. After some time to establish trust and LOTS of handling and love, we got this amazing, loving kitty. She gives the best cuddles and loves kisses. She has the ability to melt hearts. She is very playful and absolutely LOVES her brother. They are thick as thieves. Hissy still struggles with commotion and new things. She has a lot of anxiety from her early life and may need extra time to adjust. She won't be the cat that just jumps in your lap right away. She will need to establish trust and security with her new surroundings. However, Stanley is never far from her side. They find comfort in each other and it is easier for them to adjust to change. Once these two come out of their shell, their personalities will shine and the extra patience and dedication will pay off ten-fold!

Jenny B was her foster parent.

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