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Meet Stanley and Hissy

Tabby, Domestic Short Hair-white Mix

Approx DOB: 4/18/2018
Gender: Male

Stanley is Hissy’s better half. He is spunky, funny and an all around fun little guy. He loves to give and receive kisses. He will snuggle up on your lap and give you a good cuddle. These wonderful things will be all yours with a bit of patience. Stan came to us very timid and was very scared of the human touch. After lots of TLC and treats and yummy food he began to trust us and learned humans were amazing beings. Once he trust you he will claim you as his own. He will make you laugh and shake your head in complete misbelief. We believe Stanley had to be an acrobat in his past life as he can jump high, tumble and flip around. He is just an amazing cat. Our family will be over joyed when Stanley and Hissy find their forever home. To share the love they have to give with their forever family.

Stanley and Hissy are quite the pair. Stanley brings Hissy out of her comfort zone, as she is very shy but such a sweet heart who will soon melt your heart and soul with her love and empathy. These two are just meant to be. There’s never a dull moment with them. If they’re not snuggling in their sunny window seat or in our laps. They are playing tag or wrestling around. They enjoying picking on our dogs, and playing with their foster brothers and sisters. They’re great with our 7 year old son, and enjoy the new people who come to visit. Again they are still apprehensive towards unfamiliar faces but treats always help! Hissy is intrigued by water and Stanley loves to be the instigator to basically push his sister into the water :)

This amazing pair will make an amazing addition to the right family. A family that’s willing to take the time and patience to gain their trust and love. Once you get that from them. Look out. You’re in for the best two cats you’ll ever ask for! You’ll be the loves of their life!

Jenny B was his foster parent.

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