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Meet Kit Kat

Domestic Long Hair-black Mix

Approx DOB: 5/01/2018
Gender: Male

KitKat is seriously sweet, the best buddy you could ask for. This big guy is 100% love and affection. KitKat’s two favorite things in life are his people and his toys, and preferable someone who wants to play with him. He was raised with small dogs, which may be why one of his favorite games is fetch and he’s never far from his favorite ball. He even will put his ball in his dish with him when he eats. KitKat would love a home where he can be your sweet snuggle buddy. He loves his play, but he also loves his lap and nap time. He’s most content when he’s near you, as evident by his loud purr of appreciation. He’s the type who will run to great you when you get home and throw himself at your feet for affection. He bonds really well with his people and will give them a lifetime of devotion. KitKat has had some kidney stone problems in the past which do require him to be watched, usually a lower stress household and have a special diet for the rest of his life. This food requires a prescription and can be bought from most veterinarians or with a prescription from specific online stores. Anyone looking for a lifelong snuggle buddy, a playful and fun boy, and someone who will never leave their side won’t go wrong with KitKat.

Joan A was his foster parent.

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