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Meet KitKat

Domestic Medium Hair-black Mix

Approx DOB: 5/01/2018
Gender: Male

KitKat is the most adorable and sweetest little guy you could ever meet. This little guy comes from a large litter and he’s the lover of the group. Nothing makes this little one happier than getting love, being held, and occasionally riding around on your shoulders. His loud purr will melt your heart and you won’t ever want to put this sweetie down. He also likes to lick the ones he loves, and occasionally will try to nest in your hair to be closer. As inkstand with love as he is, he’s very gentle with his claws and even when he is perched on your shoulders keeps them in. KitKat has a very unique coat of shorter and longer fur and little specks of gray gaurd hairs that make him shimmmer in the sun. You’ll never want to be without your camera with this handsome boy around. KitKat also loves to play, his favorite so far are ball toys with rattles inside that he can knock around. KitKat has been raised in a home with small dogs, he’s a bit unsure of them at first, but warms up. Anyone looking for a lifelong snuggle buddy and someone who will never leave their side won’t go wrong with little KitKat.

Jodie G was his foster parent.

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