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Meet Snickers

Domestic Short Hair-black and white, Domestic Short Hair Mix

Approx DOB: 5/01/2018
Gender: Female

Snickers wants you to know that whenever your in need of a little love she’ll be there. Snickers comes from a large litter and she is the smart one of the group. She The best all things cat. She loves attention and being held, loves to explore and play, and loves to find a warm spot to snuggle up. Snickers is the perfect blend of cat, not so clingy that she can’t be left along, yet adores her snuggle time and getting affection. She’s very happy and playful, but not destructive. She’s a well rounded girl with both looks and personality. This adorable girl has a cute little white patch on her chest which makes her stand out. She was the one who figured out that when I fed them I was going to shut the door and would quietly sneak out for more cuddles and play time. She also learned that while the others were scrambling to be first at the food dish she could just go straight to the source and jump in the food container. She’s a silly and smart little girl who will steal your heart.

Jodie G was her foster parent.

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