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Meet Baby Ruth

Domestic Short Hair - gray and white Mix

No Kids
Approx DOB: 5/01/2018
Gender: Female

Little Baby Ruth is the most adorable adventurer you’ll ever meet. She came from a large litter and was the runt. Being the small one she lived up to the adage “small but fiesty”. She never let her siblings push her out of the way and has always been the first to explore, the first to make sure you notice her for love and attention, and the first to melt any heart. Baby Ruth thrives of her people time, and loves interactive play and snuggles. She insists on being the first one greeted. Since she hasn’t quite gotten the idea that the best way to get attention is not climb to your head she would do best in a home without small children. Baby Ruth has been raised in a home with other cats and small dogs. Meeting this sassy and sweet little girl you’ll know why she was named after a candy bar. She’s so sweet and perfect you won’t be able to resist her.

Jodie G was her foster parent.

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