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Meet Tess

Domestic Short Hair-black Mix

Age: Adult
Approx DOB: 10/01/2015
Gender: Female

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Spoiler Alert - this story is a sad one but hopefully and prayerfully, it will have a happy ending. Please continue reading only if you are okay with a tear jerker

Tess came into our rescue through relinguishment. She was an outdoor stray that was cared for by a nice woman during the summer. However, when Tess had babies this fall, the woman decided that she could no longer take care of Tess and definitely didn't sign up for feeding and caring for six babies. Without a second thought, she packed Tess and her six babies up and brought them to the Rescue and thank God she did. Days later, after the death of two babies, we found out Tess was seriously sick. Unbeknownst to us, Tess had a uterine infection. She covered it well as she tried desperately to take care of her babies. Her body was just not up to the task of healing itself and feeding so many mouths. We made the tough decision and transferred the babies to a bottle-baby foster. Thankfully we still have her remaining babies and they are thriving, fat, happy babies! Tess had an emergency spay surgery and a long recovery period. Thankfully she is now in good health. I shudder to think of what could have happened if she stayed as an outdoor kitty. No doubt, she and her four remaining babies would not be with us today.

Tess is so sweet and so loving, but as you can imagine, she has gone through a lot of trauma over the last several months. As such, I don't think I truly know this sweet momma. Right now she is shy, but warms up quickly. She is talkative. She loves to be petted and will roll onto her back and side for extra belly rubs. She seems to not mind other cats or dogs.

The ideal home for Tess will be provided by that special kind of cat lover that will give the time and space Tess needs to feel comfortable. They will patiently wait like the gardener waits for a rose to bloom. This cat lover will love Tess for her beauty and for her sweetness. He or she will love Tess unconditionally and not care that Tess may not be the type to be in your face or on your lap all the time. If this sounds like you, please fill out an application so you can come and meet this sweetheart of a cat.

I only know a part of Tess' story and based on that alone, she deserves the best home ever. Won't you be willing to open your home to this beloved momma so that you will know the rest of her story?

Kate F is her foster parent. The adoption fee for Tess is $60. If more than one cat or kitten is adopted the adoption fees are discounted, please complete our online application form if you are interested in adopting Tess. A volunteer will contact you within approximately 24-48 hours.

All Kalamazoo Animal Rescue cats & kittens are spayed or neutered and feline leukemia tested prior to adoption. They also are given medication to rid them of roundworms and checked and treated for fleas & ear mites, if needed. All are given distemper vaccinations and depending on how long the pet has been in foster care, a booster vaccine may be necessary after adoption which will be the responsibility of the adopter. Additional vet care may have been provided depending on the particular animal's needs. Most cats and kittens are microchipped when they are spayed or neutered.

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