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Meet Sandi

Tabby - Brown Mix
Housed at Kitty Camp
No Kids No Cats No Dogs
Approx DOB: 5/01/2017
Gender: Female

Sandi is a special girl. She came to us with a ruptured eye. See, someone thought it was funny to hit her in the head with a 2x4 while she was giving birth to her kittens. Consequently, all her kittens died. We received a very desperate phone call from Animals Best Friend for help. Of course we wasted no time to go rescue her. We had to remove her eye and she is now doing very well. She gets a little nervous when she first meets someone and will give off a low growl. She is NOT aggressive. Its fear. Once she knows you aren't going to hurt her, she purs and rolls for you. She would do best as an only cat.

Kelly F was her foster parent.

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