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Meet Wilhelmina (Mina)

Domestic Short Hair-black and white Mix

Approx DOB: 4/29/2019
Gender: Female

Mina is a smart and playful kitten who wants nothing more than to play with her sister and get scratched on the head. She and her sister Ophi were bottle babies raised in a home with other cats, a dog, and children so she has adapted well to her surroundings. Mina seems to think through situations more than her sister does. She isn't the first to run into a room but once she's in there she is all about exploring. She loves to jump up next to you for some scratches before bounding back off the couch to chase her sister down. She will definitely be a smart calmer older cat with a playful side. We would like Ophi and Mina to find a home together. They are a bonded pair and will cry when separated.

B&RSoper were her foster parents.

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