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Meet Elvis

Poodle Mix

No Kids
Size: Small
Approx DOB: 6/01/2011
Gender: Male
Color: Gray
Weight: 8 lbs

Elvis is ready to rock and roll his way right into your heart. This little hunka burnin’ love is everything you’ve been looking for and you’ll swoon when he waggles his hips. He’s a little cutie with loads of personality to offer. Elvis loves to play with his toys and will carry them wherever he goes, often entertaining himself, and you, as he throws them around with pure joy. In his foster home we call his toys his babies as he can be protective of them, which is why small children would not be his ideal match. Elvis does well with other animals, but he truly is the king and likes his perch on your lap or right beside you. This little guy loves to be wherever you are, he’s a real snuggle bug and great companion. He’s most content being in your lap or by your side. So if you’ve been looking for an adorable, happy, and lovable friend inquire about Elvis today!

Jodie G was his foster parent.

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