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Meet Grace

Australian Shepherd, Border Collie Mix

Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 1/31/2018
Gender: Female
Color: Black/grey
Weight: 35 lbs

Grace is a very smart, happy, and loving girl who is looking for an active family she can call her own! She is a 22 month old Border collie/ miniature Australian shepherd mix. She is a little girl at only 35 lbs but she is full of energy and personality! She needs an active family who is willing to provide daily exercise and mental stimulation for her. Lack of exercise and brain work would undoubtedly lead to undesirable behaviors. She loves walks and runs. She could be an awesome running partner! She loves to play frisbee and fetch and will play forever! She would also make an incredible agility dog! This girl has unlimited potential!

But Grace does need some help to reach her potential so she needs a family that is willing to put some time and effort into training her. Grace is a very smart girl who will try to take over running the home if she isn’t taught her place so she needs a strong family who can be certain she knows who’s the boss and can set firm and consistent rules. She knows some basic commands but further training is a must! She really wants to please and is food motivated so she is very trainable for anyone willing to put in the effort. She is extremely loyal and comes running every time her foster mom calls. She loves to be outside so a home with a yard is a must. She would not be well suited for apartment living. Before coming to her foster family she had not had many opportunities to go places so new people and places can make her a little nervous at first but also very excited so she needs some work on her manners, impulse control and how to walk nice on a leash. She is just very excited to find out what is in this big fun world! Grace seems to respond very well to consistent rules. Consistency is very important as she is smart and will try to see how much she can get away with! She is crate trained and she is used to sleeping in her crate. Her foster family believes that the time when she can be trusted out of her crate unsupervised is not far off but right now it would be best to keep her crated until she learns the rules and is better trained.

Grace is a very loving girl who just wants to be with her people. She is a dog who will follow you everywhere you go. She wants to be in the middle of every activity. She would love to lay next to you on the couch or better yet, right in your lap! She has lived with young children and cats as well as other dogs. However, Her foster family believes that she would only be suited for a home with a cat who has lived with dogs before and who would tolerate her high energy and could be patient until she learns some boundaries. Grace loves the company of other dogs and loves to run around the yard and play with her foster families two (much bigger) dogs. But she is bossy and dominate when it comes to toys or chews. Therefore a home with another dominate dog would not work out. Grace is definitely no couch potato but if she gets her exercise and playtime she is more than happy to sit quietly and snuggle or just lay close to you! With a little time, effort and patience Grace will be a wonderful, loyal and fun companion!

Grace is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on her shots.

Laura D was her foster parent.

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