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Meet Penelope Pussycat

Domestic Short Hair-black and white Mix
Chowhound on Stadium
Approx DOB: 7/01/2019
Gender: Female

Penelope Pussycat just wants someone to love her. She is one of the sweetest and most playful kittens you will meet. She had a super rough start in life and thankfully was rescued by a sweet girl who found her and her siblings alone by the road in a thunderstorm. She took them home and then got them to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue so we could find them forever homes. All of her siblings have been adopted and poor Penelope doesn’t know why she is the last to find a home. She knows her forever family is out there though and she can’t wait to meet them and give them all of her love. Will you be this little girls forever rescuer and give her the the home she deserves?

KCole was her foster parent.

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