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Meet Boomerang

Domestic Medium Hair Mix

Approx DOB: 10/01/2019
Gender: Male

**Boomerang will be available to take home starting February 8, 2019**

Boomerang is a sweet, playful, and content kitten who gets along with everything and everyone. He loves playing with his foster sibling, Anna Beth, and their favorite toy, an interactive ring track with a ball in it.

When Boomerang wants attention, he'll extend his two front paws up your leg asking to be picked up. He loves getting butt scratches and and vegging out on the couch on your chest. Boomerang is also a purring machine. As soon as he's up in your arms he is purring so loud and happily.

If you're looking for a content kitty who loves to get attention and snuggle, but is also happy to nap on a fuzzy blanket, Boomerang is the boy for you!

Hailey K was his foster parent.

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