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Meet Momma Missy

Domestic Short Hair, Calico Mix
Chowhound on Westnedge
Approx DOB: 4/01/2017
Gender: Female

Momma Missy is the loving mom of June, July, Marchy-March and August. She is a great mother and it was a pleasure to see how well she took care of her babies. Now that they are all grown up, it is time for Momma Missy to find a home of her own where she can spend the rest of her days in the lap of luxury.

Missy is nervous in new situations but soon relaxes. She will never be an outgoing, social cat with strangers but she will be the perfect snuggle buddy with her family. Missy loves to be petted and loves being brushed even more. If you stop brushing her too early, she is likely to grab your hand to stop you from leaving.

Missy appears to do well with other cats and dogs. A proper introduction will be best to assess how she will do. While in my home, she was introduced to other cats and dogs but was always protective of her babies. When she is in a cage and the cats/dogs are around the cage, she was nonreactive which makes me believe she will be fine with other pets when her babies are no longer around.

Kelly F was her foster parent.

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