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Meet Duke

German Shepherd Dog, Border Collie Mix
Special Needs
Size: Large
Approx DOB: 3/17/2012
Gender: Male
Color: white and black
Weight: 65

Duke, an 8 year old German Shepard/Border Collie mix, came to his foster family from the animal shelter. Duke, an older dog, has a kind and gentle soul and is looking for a forever home where he can live out his retirement years by lying down next to wherever his human(s) are and watching all the activity outside. Duke is considered to have special needs, you see, because he has arthritis in his back legs. He currently takes medication twice a day, and his foster family can't believe what a difference it has made! It took Duke a good week or two to really start showing his humans his sweet, gentle, and playful personality. Duke knows basic commands and is highly food motivated. Duke adores the children in his foster family and has particularly taken to the youngest (8 years old). He does very well with his foster family's other dog. While he does not live with cats, he ignores them when he sees them out and about. He loves going outside and exploring. He rarely barks, and when he does, it's because he has something to say (like, "Let me back inside!") Duke enjoys sleeping in a crate at night. If you think dog might be just the dog for you, apply today!

BValade was his foster parent.

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