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Meet Zoey

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 12/21/2018
Gender: Female
Color: Brown, Black & White
Weight: 54

Zoey is a sweet, shy, goofy and playful girl that loves to hang her head out of the window on car rides and play in lakes and puddles!

Zoey's biggest hurdle to overcome is her fear of men. Unfortunately, we believe a man was quite mean to her at some point in her life. Even after weeks in a foster home with a kind, soft spoken male - she is still timid with him. This tells us whoever adopts her will have to be VERY patient and kind in introducing her to men for an unknown period of time.

Contrary to her breed, Zoey is not a very vocal girl. The only time she really barks/howls is when she hears a morning alarm go off and knows it's time to get let out of her crate. She does great with other dogs and LOVES going to the dog park. She is not a good candidate for being an "off-leash" dog, even with training. Zoey also does well with cats that are dog friendly. She wants to play with them and has to reminded to "be gentle" at times.

Zoey loves to cuddle and thinks she's a lap dog at times. If you are looking for a dog friendly, sweet and cuddly girl and are willing to give her weeks, months, or even years to build more confidence with men - she may be the girl for you! Because of her low confidence, Zoey requires positive reinforcement training only.

Hailey K was her foster parent.

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