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Meet Acadia

Domestic Long Hair - orange Mix

Approx DOB: 6/03/2019
Gender: Female

My name is Acadia, like the National Park, and I came in with my four beautiful kittens. Now that they've all found their forever homes, my foster mom says it's my turn!

Like the color of my fur, I have fiery personality! I like to be the queen of the house and would do best in a home with animals that don't mind me being the boss, or no other animals at all. I love being pet and getting attention and don't mind demanding it! Oh, and I go crazyyyy for wet food. My foster mom only gives it to me as a treat, but if she ever forgets, I'm always there to remind her.

Do you think I could be the perfect addition to your home? If so, apply to meet me!

Hailey K was her foster parent.

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