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Meet Millie

Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Size: Large
Approx DOB: 2/14/2017
Gender: Female
Color: Tan & White
Weight: 64

Millie is a lover and wants nothing more than to be next to her people as much as possible! She greets all dogs well, but once settled in is dominant and therefore needs submissive playmates/housemates - preferably male.

Millie came from a home where she was kept outdoors, overbred, and then left behind one day. Thankfully she was found and brought to KAR where she is now thriving as a house dog, and more specifically - a couch dog.

Millie can be shy in new situations and needs continued training to build confidence. She is very food motivated which has made training a quick and easy process, but we're still working on confidence in new places like the vet, a pet store, etc.

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Hailey K was her foster parent.

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