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Meet Jeremiah

Fox Terrier, Labrador Retriever Mix

No Kids No Cats
Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 1/13/2013
Gender: Male
Color: White
Weight: 21 lbs

Jeremiah is a ball of fun energy who attaches strongly . He has liked all the people he has met including some younger children. He loves cuddling and snuggling, even under blankets. He has transitioned to be a well behaved house dog. New adventures include learning to behave on the leash, tolerating a crate when left alone, and allowing his family to eat without expecting his second supper. He responds well to correction and is very food motivated- small round training treats work the best. He prefers wet food to kibble as he has had several teeth pulled. He has recently developed a love for playing with a few toys and will bring them to his humans and initiate play. This is wonderful to see.He He likes to chase cats and squirrels , so a fenced yard to play in would be great. He would not do well with cats in the house, and would do best in a home where he is the only dog. He is very loving and will wiggle his way into your heart quickly. My family already loves him (especially the ears!) and yours will too.

Patrick L was his foster parent.

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