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Meet Tommie-Girl

Domestic Short Hair Mix

Approx DOB: 8/04/2020
Gender: Female

Hi I'm Tommie Girl, the playful one with the loud purr, cream and grey giraffe-like pattern, as well as the perfect physique and personality for snuggling. Right now I live with a big dog and two cats, all of whom I am fascinated by. I wish my foster mom would let me play with the dog but she says I'm not big enough yet to protect myself from his "big clumsy paws". My foster family thinks it's really cute when I talk because I yelp like a puppy (but a bit quieter than a puppy!) and I have an extended vocabulary that goes beyond the standard "meow". I can't wait to meet my new family and show off my to-die-for snuggles and incredible purrs (volume up on my video)!

Timi W was her foster parent.

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