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Meet Teddie

Shih Tzu
Special Needs
Size: Small
Approx DOB: 6/18/2011
Gender: Female
Color: Black/White
Weight: 18lbs

Meet Teddie, a 9.5 year old female Shih tzu. Teddie came to KAR and was missing fur, stinky and itchy. KAR changed her diet and put her on an antihistamine drug and she grew fur and itching stopped. Wonderful transformation. Her past medical files say she has had seizures in the past and is on medication for that. Fosters have not witnessed one, so guessing it is working well. She will require staying on two of the meds and the third is recommended so she doesn’t relapse with itching and missing fur. Something to discuss with your own vet. We did switch her to a fish dry dog food and freeze-dried liver treats which we believe helped with this transformation. Past medical records say she gets car sick but have not witnessed that either taking her to vet and groomer. She is a sweet girl with such a sweet face. She likes to be with you and will often sit and watch you. She gets along with our other dogs and cats. She does like to play with some soft toys and will play tug of war and grrr a little. Her favorite past time is chewing up napkins. She has overturned small waste baskets to get to them. Sometimes we give her something on purpose because she loves to destroy paper. She comes with her own crate and up until we took down would be found sleeping in it on a pillow. She loves to go on walks but will wander if not on leash. Would want a fenced yard if you are not willing to take out on leash all the time. She has had accidents in the house so going back to crate would work well if leaving the house or unattended. She will whine for a while if her favorite person leaves the house. So who wants to be her favorite person and give her a forever home.

Candy B was her foster parent.

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