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Meet Skittles

Domestic Short Hair, Tabby Mix

Approx DOB: 10/12/2020
Gender: Female

Skittles is an adorable, sweet, and still a little shy girl. When Skittles came into the rescue, she was very nervous and scared. She has made great progress since she was brought into her foster home. What really helped her to get braver and feel safer is when another kitten joined the foster home. That kitten is Sammy, whom is now her best friend. Skittles would be happiest being adopted with her best friend Sammy. Skittles is continuing to make progress and she will need to be in a quieter home and have a family that will be patient and willing to help her continue to grow, feel safe, and loved. Although she is still a little nervous, she likes to play. She is also content being held. She will even give a nice purr when she is being pet. She enjoys attacking toes under covers. She likes to chase the wand toys. Skittles likes to take her naps with her best friend Sammy. Skittles will need another kitten in her forever home and she wants that kitten to be Sammy. Please consider adopting Skittles and Sammy as a pair.

Christine C was her foster parent.

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