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Meet Daisy

Dachshund Mix
Special Needs
No Kids
Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 12/13/2013
Gender: Female
Color: apricot
Weight: 29

Daisy is a seven year old Dachshund mix. She was a loved pet and came to the KAR due to health issues of her previous owner. Her foster family consists of three children (ages 9+) and another dog, and she does well with all of them. Daisy loves to snuggle! She always wants to be next to us, or better yet, ON us! She likes playing and balls seem to be her favorite toy. She is smart and highly food-motivated and this has made training a breeze. Daisy walks nicely on a leash and is well-behaved when we pass new people or dogs on our walks. And speaking of training, Daisy came to us without knowing any commands. She quickly learned "sit", "come", and "manners"--a word that is used to have her look at us before getting a treat or piece of food. When Daisy first came to us and was decompressing, she was fearful in her new environment and showed this by growling when we would pet her back, belly, or feet. Daisy nipped twice out of fear when she was first with her foster family, never breaking skin. Through some clicker training work, she quickly became more comfortable. Her new owners will have to give her some extra time to decompress and adjust to her new home. But it will be worth it! When given the time, patience, and training, she will become the most loving and fun companion. She keeps her foster family laughing and entertained all the time! Daisy is heartworm negative and is up to date on vaccines. She had some bloodwork drawn, which indicated that while normal, her thyroid levels were at the higher end of the "normal" range. Additionally, Daisy has some suspected arthritis in her hip/spine area. This is treated with Carprofen, which is an inexpensive medicine used to treat arthritis in dogs. The suspected arthritis does not appear to affect Daisy's mobility. She's constantly jumping on and off couches and beds to be near her people. She also lives in a house with two sets of stairs, and she frequently goes up and down the stairs. And don't forget her walks...she goes on two walks a day and hops with joy at the sight of her leash.

BValade was her foster parent.

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