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Meet Frank

English Bulldog

No Kids
Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 1/21/2011
Gender: Male
Color: Tan and Grey
Weight: 53

Age is just a number! That's how Frank feels about it. He loves to fill his days with things an older dog deserves to be doing; loving his humans, napping, being loved on and spoiled. This old man Olde English Bulldog has the most loving personality. Don't let his tough name fool you, Frankers is actually a big baby and does not like it when his loved ones leave. He is a bit of a crier/howler so a family with a lot of time to give him is preferred. At an estimated 10 years plus Frankie does struggle with mobility, hearing and his vision- but his heart is full of love for his humans. He does good with my older children, but prefers his own schedule and lazy lounging to a busy house. He does get excited to go for walks and go outside in the backyard, but his stamina to go far isn't quite there. We have been working on going a bit farther around the block on each trip. Frank is for sure a lover and is looking to be loved for the time he has left to enjoy the "good olde" dog life.

Emily was his foster parent.

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