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Meet Loki

German Shepherd Dog, Husky Mix

Size: Large
Approx DOB: 2/08/2021
Gender: Male
Color: White

Loki is a playful and smart little rascal! While he isn't much for snuggling, he loves to stay right next to his foster parents, often laying his head across their feet to take a nap. Additionally, if there is a covered space he can get under - he will. Tables, chairs, couches, decks; he loves snoozing under them all.

Loki loves following the big dogs around and doing his best to keep up. He respects them when they correct his puppy play but definitely has a little defiance in him - often "talking back" in true husky fashion.

Loki will need a strong owner who wants to continue training. He is currently working on learning basic commands sit, down, and come with a positive reinforcement training method - clicker training.

Could Loki be the perfect addition to your pack? Apply to meet/adopt him today!

KCole was his foster parent.

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