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Meet Mac

Domestic Short Hair - orange and white Mix

Approx DOB: 4/08/2021
Gender: Male

Mac is the purrfect host. Always eager to greet anyone who comes over, with nothing but affection and gentleness. He does enjoy exploring or finding something shiny to play with, playing with his kitten and doggie friends, and also a good nap curled up in a ball or on his back hanging partially off the couch next to you. He just loves making biscuits on you and snuggling up under your chin for pets and scratches. He likes helping with the groceries - or just playing in the bags, laying in the window to watch nature, and playing with his toys. If you need someone to chase bugs - he’s the guy for you. Most importantly, he just wants to shower everyone with affection.

Lindsey R was his foster parent.

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