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Meet Mo

German Shepherd Dog, Hound Mix

Size: Large
Approx DOB: 4/16/2020
Gender: Male
Color: Black & Fawn
Weight: 23.30 kg

Mo, or as his foster family calls him, Momo, is a sweet, shy, and goofy pup looking for his forever home!

Momo is very timid around new people and gets scared easily with loud noises. He is not aggressive when scared at all, but just needs a moment of quiet to warm up and trust. Even after a couple of months, Mo still strongly attaches to one family member and can be a little nervous around the others. This is something that will continue to happen until his confidence is built up. He is responding well to commands like "sit," "go lay down," and "off" as long as he's not yelled at (yelling just scares him).

Mo currently lives with two dogs and a cat and is more and more interested in playing with the cat. When the cat has had enough, he backs off. He also enjoys playing with the dogs at the house - when they'll accept it. He would do well with a confident dog in the home that can show him life isn't so scary. Though, he will battle for attention by squeezing in between his foster mom and the other dogs. Can't blame a guy for being a little jealous of all that loving!

Lastly, Mo loves treats, going for walks, running around the back yard and snuggling. He is as sweet as they come!

Could you provide Mo his perfect home? One that can help him gain confidence slowly? A home that takes him for lots of walks? A home that thinks couches are for cuddling dogs? Then apply today to setup a meet and greet!

Brian E was his foster parent.

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