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Meet Howard

Domestic Short Hair, Tuxedo Mix

Approx DOB: 6/22/2021
Gender: Male

Hello! My name is Howard, and I am looking for my forever home. I am a very outgoing and curious cat who is always interested in what my foster family is doing, eating, playing with or why they shut me out of the bathroom! I love my 5 year old human foster brother, he and I are buddies. The dog and I get along OK too, but sometimes he sneaks up behind me and scares me. My foster mom says I am the best of both worlds, cuddly and curious. I love taking naps and cuddling with my human family, but also love climbing into the dryer, amazon boxes and doing anything adorably mischievous to get their attention and make them laugh. Some of my favorite things: - Soft food breakfast - Catnip - My 5 year old human friend - Sleeping in bed with my people.

Taryn S was his foster parent.

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