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Meet Benjamin Button

Domestic Medium Hair - buff Mix

Approx DOB: 7/26/2021
Gender: Male

Hello! Mr. Benjamin Button here, or you may call me Mr. Buttons. I am a lovable ball of super soft cloud like fur that loves to nuzzle into my humans faces and rub all over their feet and legs when I think it is attention time. I am a very outgoing cat, I don’t mind the lab puppy brother that I am fostered with, or the other kittens/cats. I even have a 5 year old step son that I am always curious about! I am very I interested in what my humans are doing, following them from room to room and trying to help them with whatever I can. I am a playful kitten who loves his catnip, prefers hard food, and loves having lots of nap places! My foster mom thinks the only thing better than my wonderful purrsonality is my ear hair!

Taryn S was his foster parent.

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