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Meet Jack Skellington

Domestic Short Hair-black and white, Tuxedo Mix

Approx DOB: 7/14/2021
Gender: Male

Jack Skellington, or Jack, is a super lovey kitten that is dressed to impress in his tuxedo at all times. He is quite playful but always ready to cuddle up on you and give you kisses. He will sing you a song if he feels lonely and can’t find you in the house. He likes to explore by following you around to see what new things you have for him to peak at. A game of hide and seek from in a box or under the couch, watching Finding Nemo together, or even a nice cuddly nap in the sun together are just some of his favorite things. He has enjoys playing with all of his furry friends and human alike.

Lindsey R was his foster parent.

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