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Meet Mazikeen

Domestic Short Hair-black and white, Tuxedo Mix

Approx DOB: 7/14/2021
Gender: Female

Mazikeen is a friendly kitty that isn’t overly needy for affection. She will come up to you and hug your leg when she wants to be picked up and loved on. She loves to play tag with her furry friends - usually winning. When she’s tuckered out she will find a window to relax in or a lap for massages. She is an explorer, watching birds from the window, crawling under the couch to reclaim the lost toys, and checking out each new place careful not to miss a thing. She loves to cuddle up at bedtime on the pillow or bed next to you and will purr a sweet melody to you while you fall asleep. She is not afraid of water - she often tries to hop in the tub or shower. If the sweet lil girl sounds like a good fit for your family, please fill out an application.

Lindsey R was her foster parent.

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