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Meet Richard

Domestic Short Hair-gray Mix
Special Needs
Approx DOB: 6/09/2021
Gender: Male

Hello, I’m Richard. Nice to meet you! I’m a spunky, playful little boy with a ton of personality. My foster home is filled with play mates for me but for the most part I just play by myself. There’s a dog here and she’s cool as long as she doesn’t want to play with me. Same goes for the other kittens sometimes. I prefer to initiate the play when I’m in the mood, otherwise Grumpy Richard comes out and you’ll hear me complaining from rooms away! I love to be wherever my people are close by and although I have yet to climb up and snuggle my humans, I don’t mind being carried around. I would make an excellent family member and you’ll be endlessly entertained with my goofy self. I have cerebellar Hypoplasia which is a condition that effects my balance. I have a very mild form, so there’s not too much that makes me different from other kittens, except I walk sideways on occasion. My litterbox habits are perfect as long as my litterbox has walls tall enough for me to lean against, otherwise I have stepped into my mess and needed a quick little bath (which I handle just fine). Stairs are a little more difficult for me, so as long as stairs can be blocked off and I can hitch a ride up or down, it won’t be a problem.

Michelle Y was his foster parent.

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