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Meet Coco

American Staffordshire Terrier Mix

No Kids
Size: Large
Approx DOB: 2/04/2021
Gender: Female
Color: Black/Brown with white markings
Weight: 65

Coco is as sweet as her name, doling out kisses to all of her friends. She is highly energetic, constantly looking for her next play date. She loves to play with her furry friends - with all her puppy energy she may be too much for small children and older animals. She just doesn’t understand her size, thinking she is a small lap dog. When she isn’t on the go, she enjoys cuddling with her humans. She will curl up next/on you in bed, on the couch or a comfy rug on the floor. We are still learning doggie manners, and boundaries. She will need a strong leader to help her continuous learning. She wants to go everywhere with everyone. Exploration is her favorite thing to do - sniffing out those peanut butter Kongs, playing with toys that make noise, and even trying to help sort the laundry. She does need some patients when introducing to new things like stairs, scales, etc. She gets a lil nervous but is highly food motivated so giving her some treats or peanut butter in a Kong makes it easier. If you think this beautiful, happy and energetic girl is an excellent addition to your family, please apply. She’s eagerly awaiting for her new forever home.

Laura S was her foster parent.

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