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Meet Theodore

Domestic Short Hair-black and white Mix
Chowhound on Stadium
No Kids No Dogs
Approx DOB: 7/01/2021
Gender: Male

I call him "THEO-DORABLE"!!! This kitten is so soft and has the biggest purr ever! He had a rough start but has come a long way. He would thrive in a nice, calm household and a soft spoken mommy or daddy to love him fur-ever!! He would imprint on a loving teen but probably would not do well with small children. He has learned to love my older cats but is terrified of my Orange Tiger that has bullied him during foster care so I would not recommend adopting him if you already own an Orange Tiger cat. The bullying is why he is now at Chow Hound to be adopted. He is such a sweet, special kitten and I am hopeful that the right owner will come through and see that.

Jordan F was his foster parent.

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