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Meet One-Eyed Willie

Domestic Short Hair-black Mix

Approx DOB: 10/15/2021
Gender: Male

One-Eyed Willie is a very affectionate kitty waiting to smother you with love. His treasure is to share with his fellow furry friends and he very much enjoys playing with everyone and everything. He may walk the plank for his tendencies to try to bury his treasure in your potted plants, but don’t let that deter you from all the love he has to give. He will turn in circles to try to see you with his one eye but it doesn’t slow him down. He would love to sail the high seas with a mate or mates that enjoy his cuddles and play. Dogs are ok too as long as they aren’t trying to eat him. He loves his snuggles and lots of pets and head scratches. He needs plenty of levels to play on so a kitty tower or window seat is great for him to stretch, scratch and play.

Lindsey R was his foster parent.

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