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Meet Chester Copperpot

Domestic Short Hair-black Mix

Approx DOB: 10/15/2021
Gender: Male

Chester Copperpot, aka Chester, is a very curious and loving kitty. He spends his time hunting for lost “treasure” and will enlist the help of his brother One-Eyed Willie or other furry friends. He is quite chatty, and will follow you around when it’s time for grub. He likes to lay in the top of the tower and sun bath, or lounge in the window seat making sure nobody is trying to steal his booty. His ideal home must have other cats for him to explore and seek treasure with. Dogs are ok too as long as they aren’t trying to eat him. He loves his snuggles and lots of pets and head scratches. He needs plenty of levels to play on so a kitty tower or window seat is a great for him to stretch, scratch and play.

Lindsey R was his foster parent.

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