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Meet Smoky


No Kids
Size: Small
Approx DOB: 3/24/2019
Gender: Male
Color: White/Grey
Weight: 13lbs

Smoky may be small but has a big personality! He loves cats, dogs, and treats. Smokey was not treated well by a male figure and takes a while to get comfortable. He is a lap dog, carry me please, and in bed shares your pillow kind of guy. He does not like it under the covers. He likes being outdoors, walking, and sniffing every little flower.

Now let's talk about mini schnauzers. Protective, barkers, and obsessed with balls. He was a breeding male so lived his first years in a kennel. He will go in but barks the whole time. He can be left out, does not destroy toys/household. He may carry your socks around and lay on them. Smokey will go wherever you go. But, takes a bit of time to relax with new people. He was not potty trained and we are 90% there. I have kept him in a belly band just to be safe.

If this awesome little man fits your life please put in application.

Laura S was his foster parent.

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