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Meet Foxy

German Shepherd Dog

No Kids
Size: Medium
Approx DOB: 7/07/2021
Gender: Female
Color: Black/Tan
Weight: 46.8

Foxy is a shy and soft hearted soul. Foxy is potty trained. She is working on sit, stay, come, heel, and wait. Foxy is smart, loyal, and needs attention. All the things that she should have been taught at 3 months she is learning quickly. foxy rides in a car well, walks on leash(not perfect), and plays with sticks. If you have two hours a day to play, exercise, and do brain games she is your girl. German Shepherd are working dogs, the need for brain stimulation and body movement is necessary for a healthy dog. She has been around children and has no aggressive tendencies, she was not properly socialized, she just needs someone to go slow and give her the time and tools to be a great dog.

Laura S was her foster parent.

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