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Meet Alexis

Tiger Mix
Chowhound on Westnedge
Approx DOB: 3/08/2022
Gender: Female

Alexis (a member of the A-Team Kitten Litter) is a very funny little girl with a weird habit. Ms. Alexis likes feet! She loves to lick them and hold them with her paws. If you walk by her, she will grab your ankle out of the blue and will hold on tight! Always the lady, she never uses her claws but can be rather persistent. When not playing with feet, Alexis is extremely sweet and loves to be petted. She is also very playful and our most experienced huntress. She is an expert at finding and taking care of stink bugs!! If you look closely, she has one in her mouth in the pictures. Alexis has grown up with other cats and dogs.

KateF was her foster parent.

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