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Meet Quentin

Domestic Short Hair, Tabby - Orange Mix

Approx DOB: 3/29/2022
Gender: Male

What a riot this little guy is! And the snuggling & purring... all you have to do is look at him sometimes & he will start purring! Quentin has spent his entire 2 months of life with a big dog and 4 cats, not to mention his siblings Lucy Liu & Uma. He makes the cutest faces when he plays, loves carrying around a small fur ball or toy mouse in his mouth. He also loves playing with crinkle toys & carrying them around. Like his sister Lucy Liu, he loves to be picked up & cuddled. He plays well with everyone but is good at entertaining himself as well! He is going to grow up to be one cool cat, I have so many funny videos of him playin, it was hard to pick 1, I'm excited for the family who adopts him!

Timi W was his foster parent.

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