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Meet Uma

Domestic Short Hair, Tabby Mix

Approx DOB: 3/29/2022
Gender: Female

Miss Uma has been pretty entertaining for our family! She's got quite the personality. Uma is a bit of an independent young lady, while she enjoys playing with her brother Quentin & sister Lucy Liu, (or the 4 big cats & dog she lives with), she also does great keeping herself entertained. She plays hard, and then it's time for a little cuddling - she's especially fond of getting the back of her ear gently massaged; Uma will melt - rest her chin on your chest & close her eyes. It's hard to see in her pictures here, but she's got the cutest little squish-face and a warm cozy combination of colors in her fur, like little sections of carmel, and she's SUPER soft to pet. Uma talks to us sometimes, which is pretty sweet, and she loves everyone. I'm excited for her forever family to get to know her, Uma is such a muffin!!

Timi W was her foster parent.

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