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Meet Sue Bob

Domestic Short Hair, Tabby - Brown Mix

Approx DOB: 3/25/2022
Gender: Female

Interests: napping, tunnels, cuddling up with her sister, bird documentaries, all the meals of the day, fish-watching, wrestling, pickleball and long distance sprinting (is that a thing?). Dislikes: Tiger King documentary, missing the dinner bell, the color pink, clowns and monster puppies with no boundaries who want to chase me. Sue Bob has grown up in a house with her mother and sister, a human kid, other big kitties, a puppy and a dog. She's less fond of the puppy but she's been totally curious and accepting of our dog. She has yet to come up for a cuddle with any of the humans but I wouldn't rule that out yet. With age comes confidence for this girl. She would fit in with most families but a playmate would be ideal for her!

Michelle Y was her foster parent.

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