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Meet Ocean Water Potato (Opie)

Pit Bull Terrier

Size: Large
Approx DOB: 3/16/2022
Gender: Female
Color: Fawn
Weight: 23lbs

Opie has been a dream foster!! She might take the cake for best foster puppy ever (and let’s be honest if there’s cake, she def wants it). She loves to mostly lounge and cuddle during the day but has occasional spurts of energy! Her and her siblings came to us from less than ideal circumstances and it took a little time to get comfortable, but here we are! She’s learned that with proper introductions and patience, big dogs are not all scary, humans are treat machines, children are great fun and kitties make good playmates! We are working on her manners with the small animals in the home because she doesn’t quite realize her size, but all she wants to do is romp around with all the babies! Our dog, Hippo, has led the charge in building her confidence with other pups and it is something we continue to work on. As far as humans go, she has yet to meet a size she doesn’t like! Opie is also working on potty training still but as long as we are paying attention to her and her cues, she doesn’t have accidents in the house! It’s only human error at this point if she has a whoopsie. She hasn't displayed any aggression to food, treats, bones or toys (towards humans or animals), and she’s quite gentle when taking treats from your hands. Meet and greets are required for this precious bundle and we will be selecting her home off of best fit and not first come! And if you’re allergic to dog saliva, she’s not your gal because giving kisses is her modus operandi.

Michelle Y was her foster parent.

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